Sunday, November 24, 2013

6 Movies to Watch During Your Career Based Existential Crisis!

The following 6 movies are guaranteed to perk you back up after a long day of resume edits, job searching, networking and general what-am-I-doing-with-my-life moments!
  1. Office Space:  For a reminder that memos are the worst, mandatory Hawaiian shirt day should be banned and that no one wants a soulless job. 
  2. The Best of Everything:  1959 New York publishing house, Joan Crawford vamps it up and bright-eyed young women have terrible things happen to them.  Watch it and be happy that this is a campy melodrama and not your reality! 
  3. Broadcast News:  I always want to call this a romantic comedy despite the lack of an easy love story.  It's an amazingly well-written script and a nice look at people who love their jobs. 
  4. Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee: I cheated, this one is not a movie.  Jerry Seinfeld and his comedian friends meet up for coffee and chats about life, cars and the creative process.  It will motivate you to get moving!
  5. Man Push Cart: Much darker than my other recommendations, this sparse film follows a bit of the life of an immigrant struggling to literally push his coffee cart around NYC and cope with sadness in his past.
  6. That Touch of Mink:  Let's end this list on a ridiculous note.  Doris Day gets splashed by Cary Grant's limo while on her way to a job interview.  Shenanigans ensue, Day's clothes are cute, Grant is handsome.  What else do you need?  

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