Sunday, December 1, 2013

5 Sources for Ethical Gifts

The hunt for a gift that is both good for the recipient and good for the world can be overwhelming.  I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite stores and ethically made items to help you in your search! 

  1.  Greenheart Shop:  My favorite store in Chicago.  This Old Town store and online shop is an excellent source for fair trade, eco-friendly and otherwise ethical goods.  I suggest grabbing a few bars of Divine Chocolate (delicious & good last minute gift) and browsing the jewelry selection.
  2. Andersonville Galleria: Several floors of art and goodies.  Fair Trade fashion brands, Mata Traders and Malia Designs display their wares here.
  3. Toms Marketplace:  Newly launched by Toms shoe this online marketplace for social enterprises has a wide range of gift ideas.  
  4. Field Notes:  Made in the USA and reminiscent of the tiny notebooks my overalls-wearing farming grandfather used to carry.  I pick up their special edition notebooks throughout the year and set a few aside to top off gifts. 
  5. Heshima Kenya scarves:  There are a lot of ethical scarves out there and these hand-dyed beauties are my current favorite.  You can order them via Etsy or hope to run into them at various fairs around the city. 

For more Fair Trade gifts, search Pinterest for #FairTuesday and take a look at my Fair Tuesday board.

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