Monday, December 16, 2013

Movies and TV Shows to Watch the Night Before Your Big Pitch...

The night before your big pitch you will likely be preparing for the next day; practicing your pitch, ironing your clothes and getting to bed early like I will be doing this evening before my big pitch for the Startup Institute Chicago's Exposé day tomorrow.
Movies and television inspire and amuse me, so I've highlighted a few scenes and shows that you can watch to keep you inspired and amused as well!

1.  30 Rock, Season One Episode 14This is the episode where Liz Lemon goes a little nuts and quotes a Designing Woman episode. Sure, your presentation may not boil down to shouting "you do not cross a Sugarbaker woman!" But the passion is contagious and also gives an example of how much crazy is too much crazy.

2.  Almost any episode of Mad Men:  A Don Draper pitch is the smoothest pitch you'll ever see.   Watch any episode and see how the pitch effortlessly flows from his handsome face.  If you attend tomorrow's exposé, just know that I'm Don-Drapering in my head as I give my pitch.

3.  Pride and Prejudice:  Give me any reason to watch this movie and  I will. Preferably, the BBC mini-series version.  Since, we're talking about the night before the presentation and not a whole week, let's just talk about one scene.  Darcy's initial and terrible proposal to Elizabeth Bennett is a great example of what not to do when pitching.  Don't apologize and most importantly don't insult your audience.  Learn from Darcy's mistake.

4.  Girls Just Want to Have Fun:   A 1980s romp featuring dancing, 80s music and young Helen Hunt and Sarah Jessica Parker.  It's ridiculous and will help the stressed part of your brain chill for a minute. You can leave this one on in the background as you get things done.  Also, those crazy teens may even inspire you as you watch them dance towards their dreams.

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