Sunday, December 8, 2013

Movies for a Snowy Day

It's snowing! And it's cold!  So, let's stay inside and watch a movie, shall we?
Here are my movie recommendations for a snowy day....

1.  Do the Right Thing:  My favorite Spike Lee film is set on the hottest day of the year and will warm you up.  Lee does a great job of building heat and tension throughout the film.  

2.  Prohibition:  Ken Burns and Lynn Novick put together the most interesting five and a half hours on booze that you could possibly want.  It's best to break it up into the episodic bits over a long week and weekend.  I also suggest having some gin on hand to toast along to this fascinating complicated time in our history.  

3.  Bridget Jones' Diary:  Romantic Comedy ridiculousness at its 90s best.  Plus, pivotal moments in perfect snowglobe-esque snow.  Good for a time when you want to relax and be entertained.  

4.  Any of the Harry Potter movies:  I recently re-watched the entire Harry Potter series and enjoyed them all over again.  The films get darker and moodier as the series progress but you can always expect to hear that perfect walking-in-the-snow scrunch noise.  

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